HC (Heater Controllers) are used almost exclusively in production machines whose down time can cause considerable financial damage to all involved.

In the case of "Tier 1 suppliers" HC-equipped machines produce parts for the automotive industry. E.g. dashboards, bumpers, armrests, door panels, carpets, tanks, hat racks, air ducts, decor parts for insert molding, tachograph discs, etc. .
If only one part is not available, it creates a production shut down situation.

This results in a great responsibility for everyone in the supply chain, also for the manufacturers of the automation systems in the production machines.

Therefore, HC products do not allow any compromises regarding development, component selection, production and testing.
Only highly qualified employees develop and manufacture at HETRONIK, with the highest standards exclusively in Germany.

Electronic components are subject to fast innovation rates, thus creating ever shorter product life cycles.
The selection of processors has literally exploded since the first HC product launch in 1996. Processors no longer sell in numbers, threatening discontinuation, often without a 1:1 compatible processor alternative.

We procure all components exclusively ourselves in order to be informed about discontinuations at an early stage by component manufacturers and their distributors.
Thanks to HC continued developments, all HC products ever manufactured by HETRONIK are still available for spare parts.

One day, however, HETRONIK will also have product discontinuations.
Due to the consistent design of the HC products, legacy systems are relatively easy to replace with those of the new and current generation.
It is a significant effort and investment on behalf of HETRONIK to offer this backwards compatibility and simple replacement.

HETRONIK has pursued only long-term corporate goals, which necessitated several decades in the HC market.

Focusing on quality without compromise was one of the keys to becoming the market leader of HC products.

HETRONIK continues to expand its market leadership with continuous development and, thanks to our customers, the penetration in our niche markets worldwide continues to increase.
HETRONIK is aware of the responsibility for this success.

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