• has evolved from two start-ups, both founded with the aim of developing, producing and worldwide marketing of the actual HC (Heater Controller) products.
  • is a hidden champion with a highly modular product offering of multi-channel power controller systems.
  • has global presence.
  • is the technology leader of HC (Heater Controller) products with many technical standalone features.


  • 12/1991: Christian Haug and Andreas Farrenkopf became acquaint at SCHLEICHER ELEKTRONIK in Munich / Germany
  • 09/1994: Christian Haug founded the HAUG ELEKTRONIK (development and production
  • 02/1995: Andreas (Andy) Farrenkopf founded the ENGINEER OFFICE FARRENKOPF (sales and support)
  • 10/1996: First commissioning of the HC200 for T2 in Italy
  • 11/1998: First commissioning of the HC400 for ILLIG in Germany
  • 12/1998: Changed form of society and company name from HAUG ELEKTRONIK to HETRONIK GmbH (development and production)
  • 01/1999: HETRONIK moved to a larger facility
  • 03/2000: Change form of society and company name from ENGINEER OFFICE FARRENKOPF to MULTIBA GmbH (sales and support)
  • 01/2001: First commissioning of the HC100 for KRONES in Germany
  • 03/2002: First commissioning of the HC300 for AVT in the US
  • 04/2002: HETRONIK moved in actual facility
  • 04/2005: First installation of the HC500 from FRIMO in Hungary
  • 08/2005: Doubled production space
  • 01/2010: HETRONIK GmbH assumes the distribution and support of the HC products from MULTIBA GmbH
  • 12/2015: First installation of the HC700 from CANNON in Italy
  • 12/2015: Moved in same building to get 30 % more space
  • 03/2016. Start of conversion to the second HC500 generation from first HC500 generation
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