HC (Heater Contoller) are potentially used wherever heat of many (= several dozen to many thousands) of heating elements has to be individually adjusted, i.a. to heat material for forming according to the desired shape.

Classic case are e.g. the containers and door linings for refrigerators, bathtubs, underbody panels for vehicles, etc., which are thermoformed from plastic sheets and must be heated to different degrees depending on the height of the material stretch.


There are only a few dozen thermoforming machine manufacturers worldwide for cut sheet products, many of which use our HC products.

Packaging for food such as egg cartons, trays, plates, cups, cup lids, etc. are made in thermoforming machines too, but from rolled-up plastic films (roll fed thermoformers).

Because the heat below and/or above the oven surfaces to heat the film before deformation is not constant (the emitters in the middle are warmed by the surrounding emitters and thus are hotter) many will become individual infrared emitters (IR emitters) and / or groups of IR emitters controlled.

Hundreds of thousands of parts are produced daily in hundreds of machines of our machine builder customers.

Substantial dissemination have our HC products in machines for

  • deforming carpets, head liners, sound insulations, ...
  • thermoforming, laminating and edge wrapping of surfaces foils for dashboards, armrests, door panels, ...
  • activation of glue
  • fastener welding (infrared, air or hot plate) of injection molded parts (tanks, door panels, decorative parts, ...)
  • tempering and bonding of composite materials (wing elements, bumpers, ...)
  • - ...

for e.g. cars, trucks, tractors, trains, trams and planes.

For these processes, the highest demands are placed on the power controllers of the heating elements.

Hundreds of machines and production lines with HC products ensure production processes around the world and around the clock for suppliers to the automotive industry (tear 1 suppliers) in carmaker factories.

We have established a world standard for large PET stretch blow molding machines with one of our HC product concepts to control the IR-lamps heating the preforms before blowing to PET bottles and containers. Millions of bottles are made daily with our products and the conceptual copies of our products.

Other applications are e.g. the control of

  • heater cartridges in laminating presses and double belt presses.
  • ovens for heating, drying and curing of paint, resin, organo sheet ...
  • heating bands around plastic extruder
  • surface radiators for heating bituminous panels for noise reduction in dishwashers and washing machines
  • ...

Our products are also suitable to be used in hot runners and for controlling thermal expansion bolts in plastic film and sheet extrusion nozzles.

Many materials take time to heat, why the cycle time for product manufacturing is relatively slow and therefore the stress on the mechanics of the machine is not high. Such machines have lifetimes of many decades.

Our products have always been used not only by machine builders in new machines, but also to retool old controls. So-called retrofits, revampings or rebuilds.

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